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Social Studies

Review of Seventh Grade Material

Chapter 6 Study Guide Chapter 15 Study Guide     Review Questions
Chapter 7 Study Guide  
Chapter 8 Study Guide Civil War
Chapter 14 Study Guide Civil War 2

Chapter Study Guides

Additional Topic Study Guides

Chapter 16 Study Guide         Review Questions Great_Depression_Study_Guide
Chapter 17 Study Guide         Review Questions Imperialism Study Guide

Chapter 18 Study Guide         Review Questions

Industrial Revolution Study Guide

Chapter 19 Study Guide         Review Questions

The New Deal
Chapter 20 Study Guide         Review Questions Progressivism Study Guide
Chapter 21 Study Guide         Review Questions Spanish American War
Chapter 22 Study Guide         Review Questions Presidents Test Study Guide
Chapter 23 Study Guide         Review Questions Geography Study Guide
Chapter 24 Study Guide         Review Questions Presidents 1-11 Jeopardy Game

Presidents 22 - End Jeopardy Game

Chapter 25 Study Guide         Review Questions

Document Based Questions

Chapter 26 Study Guide         Review Questions Writing DBQs
Chapter 27 Study Guide         Review Questions Writing DBQ Guide Do's and Don'ts
Chapter 28 Study Guide         Review Questions DBQ Scoring Standards
Chapter 29 Study Guide         Review Questions  
Chapter 30 Study Guide         Review Questions Student Summary Section
Chapter 31 Study Guide         Review Questions  



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Scientific Method & Science Math


Density Alternate Sources of Energy
Metric Conversion Definitions Energy Formulas        Review Sheet
International System of Measurement Force and Weight
Lab Report Framework Kinetic and Potential Energy
Metric Conversion Newton's 1st Law
Significant Figures Newton's 2nd Law
Significant Figures PowerPoint Presentation Newton's 3rd Law
Scientific Method Review Nuclear Decay
Scientific Notation Background Info Simple Machines         Review Packet
Scientific Notation Review Newton's Laws 2
  Units of Measurements
  Energy Basics PowerPoint



Abiotic vs. Biotic Balancing Nuclear Equations
Biome Study Guide Chemical Bonding
Ecosystems Double Replacement Reactions
Food Chain & Food Web Periodic Table Review
Succession Single Replacement Reactions
Ecology Dictionary Types of Chemical Reactions
Ecology Vocabulary Game Using the Periodic Table
  Pronouncing the elements
Science Glossary Atomic Review Sheet
  Periodic Table Quiz Review




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Parts of a Story/Essay Animal Farm
Organizing an Essay Flowers for Algernon
Of Mice and Men  



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Problem Solving

Seventh Grade Review

Math Sequence Adding and Subtracting Integers
Word Problem Intro General Review
Using Venn Diagrams Number Theory
Guess and Check Improper Fractions
Working Backwards Multiplying and Dividing Integers
Problem Solving Reducing Fractions
  Rational Numbers
  Real Number Properties



How to combine like terms Line and Slope Intercept
One Step Equations        Graphing Points
Two step Equations Estimating Square Roots
Combining Like Terms Brain Pops
Equations with variables on both sides  



What is an Inequality Adding Monomials

Inequalities symbols

Subtracting Monomials
Inequality Presentation Multiplying Monomials

Translating Sentences into Inequality Statements

Dividing Monomials
Graphing Inequalities Polynomial Vocabulary


Subtracting Polynomials
Transversals and Parallel Lines FOIL
Pythagorean Theorem Dividing Polynomials and Monomials


FOIL Review
  Multiplying Polynomials
  Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Review
  Multiply Polynomials Review




                              3 Dimensional Figures Labeling a Right Triangle
Lessons prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres Using Trig to Label a Triangle
                                  Prism Quiz  


  Line Reflections




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