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Metric Conversion Study Guide



The Metric System is the measurement system in which we measure units of LENGTH, VOLUME, and WEIGHT.


                   LENGTH is measured in the basic unit of METERS.

                   VOLUME is measured in the basic unit of LITERS.

                   WEIGHT is measured in the basic unit of GRAMS.



The metric system is ordered from greatest to smallest.  An easy way to remember the order is:



King Henry Doesnt Understand Doing Conversions of Metric.






                  Unit:  Liter, Gram, Meter





Metric Conversions are changing a basic unit into a different size.  An example of metric conversion is changing a millimeter into a centimeter.



You must use the ladder to change the size of the unit. 



                              H                          D           C           M




        2000 mg  =  _________ grams


On the ladder, grams are 3 places to the right of milligrams.  Therefore, you should move the decimal 3 places to the right to find the measurement in grams.


        2000. mg =  2.00 grams


Try these conversions. 


                                K   H        D   C   M



104 km = _________m                     480 cm =   _________ m



5.6 kg= _________g                         8 mm= __________ cm



5 L = _________ mL                         50 cm = __________m



120 mg=  _______ g                         65 g =  __________ mg