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Upcoming Tournaments

Long Island Round Robin, Great Neck (NY), June 25.  JV/Novice.  It's after finals, so sign up now if interested.  Consists of 4 rounds plus demo round with the top debaters.  Judging should be good.

Otherwise, stay tuned until next year!


N.Y. State Qualifications (i.e. "how to get a qual," copied from from Menick's site)

These are the numbers you need to remember when you go to a tournament if you're thinking about getting a New York State qualification. It is one of the themes of this team that qualifying for States is one of the most solid achievements for any participant, a recognition of the effort you've put in, and recognition for that effort among your peers. Remember that the tournament does not have to be in New York to be a qualifier (e.g. Lexington , Mass. ).  To get a "qual" for States in LD, you have to place in the category determined by the number of participants in the tournament.

Winner only -- 9 or fewer participants in tournament
Finalists -- 13 participants
Semifinalists -- 17 participants
Quarterfinalists-- 37 participants
Octofinals -- 68 participants
Double-octofinals -- 148 participants

FYI for the clueless:
Winner - 1 person total
Finalist - 2 people
Semi - 4
Quarters - 8
Octos - 16
Double-octos - 32
This is what debaters mean when they say, for example, "I broke to Octos, I was in the top 16."

How to Register

To register for upcoming tournaments and to see recent tournament standings, go to:

SIGN UP BY AT LEAST ONE WEEK for any one day tournament and AT LEAST THREE WEEKS for any two or more day tournament.
Note to register for a tournament and to get the emails from the Yahoo listserver, you need to have a Yahoo username and password (so sign up today, seriously).
For all the tournaments Hen Hud goes to, many of which we go to, see: