Horace Greeley Debate Team
Recent Tournament Standings
Newark Invitational, 2.4-2.5.2005
Jessica, 3-2, 9th speaker, broke to Double Octofinals
Shaina, 3-2 (one speaker point away from breaking!)
Josh, 2-3
Newark MHL 2.5.05
Hillary, 2-1, 8th place
Work, 2-1, 12th place
Johanna, 2-1
Scarsdale Invitational 1.7-1.8-05
Novice Octofinalists - Joanna, Phae, Colin, and Saaniya
Varsity - Shaina
Regis CFL 12.18.04
Lucas - 1st place, JV
Ronen - 4th place, JV
NFA 11.12-11.13.04
Jess - Octofinalist and 5th speaker in Varsity
Monticello MHL 11.6.04
Selena - 1st place, first time novice division (1/2 qual)
Ben - 3rd place, first time novice division (no qual yet)
Lucas - 10th place, JV

Regis CFL 10.30.2004
Lucas - 2nd Place, JV (1/2 qual)
Colin - 5th Place, Novice (1/2 qual, quals for states)
Hillary - 3rd Place, Novice (1/2 qual)
and various other impressive 2-1s, etc.  Huge pool, too; over 60 novices.

Bronx MHL 10.16.04
Colin - 1st place, Novice (1/2 qual, quals for states)
Johanna - 4th place, Novice (1/2 qual)
Elizabeth - 6th place, Novice (1/2 qual)
Justin - 8th place, Novice (1/2 qual)

Monticello Invitational 10.8-10.9.2004
Shaina - Tournament Champion!  (bid for TOCs.)  Click here to see the list of people with
States quals (note - you must have a Yahoo! account!).
Ronen - quarterfinalist in JV

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