Horace Greeley Debate Team

Here are a few pictures from the 8th annual Harvard-Yale-Princeton debate, December 3, 2004, held at Rye Country Day School (the Greeley debate team hopes to host it in fall 2005).  The debate was parliamentary style, and the main topic was: "Is pre-emptive war justified?"  Yale argued that pre-emptive war is never justified, Harvard argued that it is justified, and Princeton argued that it could only be justified with UN support.  After intermission, high school debaters were paired up with the college students for several mini-debates on topics such as whether the government should define marriage, whether the U.S. should leave Iraq within a year, and whether primaries are the best way to select a presidential candidate.

A student from Rye High School


High school-college teamwork!



A Greeley debater "in action"


A Rye Country Day student speaks