Horace Greeley Debate Team
Attention all Computer-minded Debaters: Help is Needed!

The website needs an administrator’s assistant.  After the current administrator graduates in June 2006, the assistant will become the administrator.  


To maintain the Greeley Debate Team Website  

Skills needed:  
Integrity, self-motivation; organized; timely; ability to work well with teachers; use of Microsoft FrontPage, Internet Explorer, and Word. 

 Job description:
Primarily, this involves finding out when tournaments are hosted, deadlines for when debaters need to sign up, and other miscellaneous tournament information – and posting it on the website in a timely manner.  In other words, as soon as you find these out, you go home, type it up, and then see the faculty advisor within a few days to post the updates on the school network.  During the 2004-2005 school year, the debate team faculty advisor was Ms. Litts; since she is leaving this year, the faculty advisor for the debate team will be another teacher.  After creating the web pages at home, I emailed them to myself or saved them on a disk.  When I met Ms. Litts, usually around 7:15 a.m. (though you can try to coordinate free periods), she signed on using her admin-level password, and then I opened up FrontPage, saved the relevant files to her hard drive, and posted the updates (which will be shown to you).  Since you are posting files directly onto the school website, it is imperative that common standards of decency be followed and debate-only relevant materials posted.  Anything other than this, and the debate team could lose our privilege of being hosted off of the school website; hence, the need for integrity.

Estimated time commitment – only about 3 hours per week.  This can be kept to the bare minimum of providing only tournament updates, or it can be extended to include expanding the website (e.g. add a forum section, ‘debater blog,’ etc.) – the choice is up to you, should you choose to accept it.