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So, you want to be a debater?
-A welcome from the team (co-)president (September 2004)
-An end-of-season message to everyone (March 2005)

New to Debate?
-Helpful links on how Lincoln-Douglas debate works and links to research sites
-an opportunity for any debaters interested in TV broadcasting
-website help wanted!

Philosophy reading list

The Intro to LD Philosophy Packet
Remember that huge stapled sheaf of information you got way back when?  It's now online.

So, where are debates held?
-Schools that host tournaments; includes directions!
For Parents: A Judging Toolkit  (under construction)
Debate on television: See channel 77 on Fridays: 8:30 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm, and 10:30 pm for the Harvard-Yale-Princeton debate held December 3, 2004 at Rye Country Day School.  Many thanks to Rye TV and NCCTV.
See information about and pictures (coming soon) from the Harvard-Yale-Princeton debate.
What’s New
-Recent Tournament Standings
-Upcoming Tournaments and How to Register (Please, before deadlines!)

A Message to Parents
-"Parents Talking Back" - A Note From Bill Bierce (Debate Dad) to All Parents

About Us

'04-'05 Topics (a.k.a. "resolutions")
  March-April - Resolved: To better protect civil liberties, community standards ought to take precedence over conflicting national standards.
  January-February - Resolved: Democracy is best served by strict separation of church and state.
   November-December - Resolved: The United States has a moral obligation to promote democratic ideals in other nations.
   September-October - Resolved: Individual claims of privacy ought to be valued above competing claims of social welfare.

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