Horace Greeley Debate Team

Judging Toolkit

Jargon Glossary - Common debate terms and slang explained in plain English

Scorecard - What to Look for (a cheat sheet for new judges and a reminder for old pros)

Flow Diagram  -  Blank page for you to take notes on (now in PDF!)
--2 page flow (8.5 x 11)
--1 page flow (8.5 x 11)
---1 page Legal Size (8.5 x 14)

FedExKinko's has a service where you can print out anything in any size paper, from your home computer, for a small fee.  Here's the link to do that.

Debate: Description of What Happens, what flowing is, etc: The Mechanics

Logistics of Being a Judge - what to bring

Suggestion Box - email the website administrator!

Volunteer to Be a Judge - Now!  Your child needs you!   (So does our Debate Team)
Note: the above link requires that you be a member of Yahoo! groups.  It behooves you to be involved in your child's upbringing, so sign up for Yahoo! groups today!  If you're still not convinced to sign up, email the group and we'll get the message.   

Menick's Information Packet from the 2005 Scarsdale Tournament 
--the nitty-gritty details of what happens at a tournament once you're there

An actual schematic (note: judge names have been omitted for privacy reasons)

An actual flow (note: they may be as neat or as messy as you choose)

An actual ballot 


    The Hen Hud site (run by Mr. Jim Menick) - how to judge - both in and out of a nutshell  

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you don't already have it, it's free) to view PDF files