Horace Greeley Debate Team
About the Greeley Debate Team

    The team was started 3 years ago, in 2001.  Since then, it has won Regionals every year, sent debaters to States every year, and is beginning to become a competitive force on the National Circuit.
     The kind of debate we do is called "Lincoln-Douglas," or LD for short, because it is modeled after the Lincoln Douglas debates of 1860.  It is a one on one debate, with a judge watching, who decides a winner at the end of the round.
Every two months, the National Forensic League (we’re in the NFL!) release a new topic.  The September/October 2004 topic is Privacy vs. Societal Welfare.  We discuss the topic as a team, and then you write your arguments (we'll walk you through this step for the first couple months).
     The debate team meets every Activity Period to have topic-discussions and practice rounds, so they are basically required.  People have, in the past, balanced another club, but the meetings are important (usually, they come to debate 3 times, and the other club 1 time, a month).
     The Debate Tournaments are usually 3 rounds, and are always on Saturdays.  A round is 45 minutes long; you actually speak for about half of that.  There are usually 2-4 tournaments a months, you will usually go to 2-4 tournaments a topic (2 months).  You can go to as many or as few tournaments as you want to (some people have conflicts, such as sports, etc., so they only go to half of the tournaments), but if you cannot make any of the tournaments, you can't join the team.
     There are often meetings after school or on the weekends, which are optional, but very helpful when you're starting out, because practice makes perfect.  
     Debate is both very educational and exciting.  Not only do you learn how to present logical arguments (which helps throughout high school and college, obviously), you get to learn about a wide variety of interesting philosophies and topics, as well as meeting and debating people from all the country.