Horace Greeley Debate Team

Dear Debaters and Debate Parents,
As the debate season comes to a close, I want to congratulate everyone on a successful debate season, and thank everyone, especially the hard-working parents, for their support. 
I have some exciting news to announce:
First, congratulations to Josh Work, Colin Erhardt, Ronen Cohen, Lucas Hartman, and Jessica Hartman who will all be going up with me to represent Horace Greeley H.S. at the New York State Debate Championship in Albany, NY in April.  More information soon.
Second, I am happy to inform everyone that I have met with the school administration, and they have approved the hiring of a new, professional debate coach for next year.  This will be the first time that this team has ever had a hired coach, and while the team will remain student-run, the coach will be able to run after-school meetings, to augment our current meetings, assist in organization, and help everyone on the team achieve even greater successes in the upcoming years. 
We've already found two possible coaches: one, a former-national-circuit debater who is currently enrolled in Columbia's Teacher's College; two, a current coach of various schools in Florida who may be attending Law School in the area, and has successfully coached his team to nationally recognized success, and is ranked the 11th best team in the nation.
As the hiring process continues, I will be sure to keep everyone informed.
Third, because I know that many parents weren't able to become as involved as perhaps they would have liked, we will be holding at least one, if not more, judge-training sessions so parents can be trained in how to judge, because as debaters go to more tournaments, especially outside the local circuit, parents will be needed to judge, so that their children can debate.  We've had one or two incidents where we couldn't find enough judges, and had to drop debaters from tournaments.  As we continue to grow next year, this problem has to be addressed. 
Josh Stein
HGHS Class of 2005
Captain/Coach HGHS Debate team